After a successful order, we will send you an email notification that your order is waiting payment, you can now proceed to the payment using one bellow method as :

  •     Payment By CCP Mandate
  •     Payment By Bank Transfer, Reserved for Companies ONLY!
  •     Cash payment, Only In Store
  •     Payment By Check, Reserved for Companies ONLY!

Instructions for payment method wil be sent by email once your order has been processed, they include our accounts numbers and breef discription about the payment modality

Once done, please send us by email or fax the payment stub (or copy of the transfer slip ) with the number of your order ( the number is automatically assigned once ordered online, it will be sent in the confirmation email)


1) Your order will be canceled if we don’t receive your payment in 5 days that follow.
2) Your order will not be shipped until payment confirmation.

For more details contact us at:

Mob: 06 62 53 74 29
Tel / Fax: °N/A